Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church

Mission Partners

As the church of Jesus Christ, the people of God, we do not define for ourselves what our mission in the world is, or should be. Our great desire is to play our part in the mission of God. As Chris Wright says, in The Mission of God’s People mission ‘is not primarily a matter of our activity or our initiative. Mission from the point of view of our human endeavour, means the committed participation of God’s people in the purposes of God for the redemption of the whole creation. The mission is God’s. The marvel is that God invites us to join in.’

The mission of Kirkpatrick Memorial is a matter of the loyalty of our church family to Jesus Christ, the head of the Church. Just as an ambassador must have complete loyalty to the government they represent, so a trusted messenger will faithfully deliver what the sender said, not his own opinions.

One World Group

The One World Group helps our congregation engage with God’s worldwide mission by helping the church support its eight mission partners by keeping contact with them, providing timely, relevant information about the work of our Mission Partners to keep the congregation informed and to encourage them to pray and give, and highlighting their work in regular slots in church services.

Discover our Mission Partners by following the links below:

  • ASHA


    Delhi, India

    ASHA means hope in Hindi. ASHA gives people living in slum areas of Delhi hope by allowing them to realise their potential, regardless of their background, caste or religious belief.

  • Christians in Sport

    Christians in Sport

    Rachel Aicken

    Christians in Sport has been reaching the world of sport for Christ for over thirty years. They work with sportspeople across the age range, covering over 80 different sports and ranging from young people playing in their school team through to professional athletes.

  • CUI (Christian Unions Ireland)

    CUI (Christian Unions Ireland)

    Mark Ellis (Director)

    Christian Unions Ireland

    Christian Unions Ireland work in universities and colleges all over Ireland. Their vision is to see students, transformed by encountering Jesus, transforming their campus, society, and the world.

  • Open Doors

    Open Doors

    Open Doors

    Open Doors exists to strengthen the church to be the church in the most hostile places.

  • Scripture Union Northern Ireland

    Scripture Union Northern Ireland

    Lyndsey Marks

    SUNI E3 Schools Project

    The E3 Schools Project is a model of devlivering schools ministry operating at a localised level by dividing Northern Ireland into districts, and employing schools workers in each area to engage, equip and empower school pupils, Christian teachers, children and young people and the local church to make God’s good news known in Schools.