Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church


Giving to God

Giving to God is one of the great privileges for followers of Jesus Christ. By making our giving a priority we show the place that God and the church of Jesus Christ have in our lives. Our giving should be marked by these qualities: 

  • It should be freely offered
    reflecting the love of God given to us in Jesus Christ
  • It should be joyful
    we delight in playing our part in God’s work and in helping others
  • It should be proportionate
    we give according to the measure in which we have received
  • It should be faithful
    we give according to our means, whatever our circumstances
  • It should be regular
    giving should be planned and not haphazard

For some members this may be a completely new concept; others have practiced this way for many years. For all members, we want to encourage the prayerful consideration of the level of giving and our attitude to giving.

Opportunities for Giving at Kirkpatrick

Some of our members, particularly those who have joined recently, perhaps from non–Presbyterian backgrounds, may be unsure about the different funds which the congregation operates and the purpose of these funds. We think it important to explain, as clearly as we can, all of the opportunities for giving available at Kirkpatrick Memorial. They are as follows:

  • Freewill Offering
    An opportunity for all members of the church to give on a weekly basis using the envelopes provided or by alternative methods (see below). These resources are used to meet ongoing expenditures such as the minister’s salary and expenses, other staff payments, PCI assessments, general overheads, and missionary and charitable giving, to name but a few. Any loose offering is generally used to meet these ongoing expenditures.
  • Property Fund
    An opportunity for all members of the church to give on a weekly basis using the envelopes provided or by alternative methods (see below). These resources are used to meet the expenditures involved in the maintenance and development of the church’s property comprising the church building, the halls complex and the manse.
  • United Appeal
    An opportunity for all members of the church to give to the centrally coordinated mission and outreach work of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. These resources are used to support work as diverse as mission in Ireland and overseas, education, youth and social witness. In Kirkpatrick Memorial we give to the appeal using eight envelopes every year.
  • World Development Appeal
    An opportunity for all the members of the church to give to the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s annual appeal for the developing world. In Kirkpatrick Memorial we use a special envelope in December to facilitate giving to this very worthwhile appeal.
  • Harvest and Anniversary Offerings
    There is an opportunity to contribute to the work of our Mission Partners through the Anniversary envelope in June and the Harvest envelope in October.

Other opportunities to give during the year include the following:

  • Christian Aid lunch and collection in May
  • Earl Haig Fund retiring offering on Remembrance Sunday
  • Presbyterian Orphans and Children’s Society in November

We commend all of these funds wholeheartedly.

Gift Aid

We all like to see our money go as far as possible! If you are a UK taxpayer, you can ensure that your giving to the church goes a lot further by signing a Gift Aid Declaration. For every £1 that you give, we will receive another 25p from the Inland Revenue. All of this is at no extra cost to you. If you haven’t already given a Gift Aid Declaration, please consider doing so as soon as possible. Our Honorary Gift Aid Secretary, Mr. Alastair Mills (9059 8987), will be glad to provide assistance.

Alternative Methods of Giving

Presbyterian congregations have traditionally used weekly envelopes to facilitate regular giving to Freewill Offering and Property etc. In recent times a growing number of our members have requested a facility allowing them to give to the ongoing work of the church by standing order rather than using the traditional envelopes. Some people find this a more convenient and consistent method of giving. 

In order to facilitate any members who wish to give in this way, we have two standing order forms (one for Free Will Offering and one for Property). If you wish to start giving by standing order simply contact our honorary treasurer Gwen Macartney. Alternatively, you may wish to set up standing orders using internet or telephone banking. Our treasurer will supply you with the necessary details/forms on request.

Reconsider Your Giving

When we join a new church, or at the beginning of a new year, we have the opportunity to reconsider the level of our regular giving. We may want to increase our level of giving particularly in the light of the following considerations:

  • God’s blessings
    As we continue to follow Jesus Christ we become more aware of God’s goodness to us and the material blessings he gives. It is the most natural thing in the world to want to respond by increasing our giving.  While this applies to all who love God, systematic increases in our giving are particularly appropriate in cases where our income is rising.
  • Property
    It is evident to all that our buildings are in need of attention. We have taken many steps in recent times to maintain our property and enhance it for ministry in the third millennium. Much more needs to be done. Consider increasing your giving to our Property Fund. 
  • Rising costs
    As in every walk of life, it costs more to run the church year by year. If we are still giving the same this year as last year, or five years ago, we’re actually giving less. We must regularly increase our giving to ensure that existing ministries of our congregation can continue.
  • Greater ministry demands
    As Kirkpatrick Memorial has grown we’ve had greater financial demands placed on us. For example, we’ve taken on responsibility for the salary and employment costs of new members of staff. As we seek to reach out into our community and further afield we will want to have ample resources to bless others in Jesus’ name.  

A Final Word

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Honorary Treasurer, Miss Gwen Macartney. Thank you, in anticipation, for your continued sharing in the work of the kingdom of God at Kirkpatrick Memorial.